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Article: 8 handbag care tips you absolutely must know

8 handbag care tips you absolutely must know

An unsightly scratch, a tiny stain, a slight wrinkle – these little things are easy to ignore until our once beloved handbag is now just a remnant of what it once was. You see, most people treat their handbags with utmost care in their first few years, only to neglect them once the novelty has faded. Don’t be these people. 

All handbags deserve a little TLC, regardless if it’s a pricey investment or an affordable thrift find. If you’re wondering how to take care of your handbags, you’ve come to the right place. From cleaning hacks to storage methods, we rounded up the eight best tips on handbag care so you can get the most out of your investment. 

1.  Keep them out of direct sunlight

Leisara handbag

Letting your handbag sunbathe is a recipe for disaster. UV rays can tarnish leather and ruin some of your bag’s most delicate elements. Store your handbags in places without direct sunlight to avoid discoloration. 

2.  Don’t hang them 

Valentino bag

While hanging your handbags on a hook or doorknob offers easy access, you may want to think twice. Hanging your handbags can warp their leather construction, so consider propping them on a shelf instead. 

3. Store them in their dust bags

Gucci Dust Bag

One of the easiest ways to keep your handbags away from light and dust is to store them in the dust bags they came with. Never store your bags in non-breathable plastic bags where moisture can build up quickly. 

4. Stuff them when not in use

Handbag stuffing

Oversized and loose handbags may wrinkle and lose their structure when kept empty for long periods. If you want your handbags to retain their shape, stuff them with soft and pliable items like newspaper or tissue when you aren’t using them. 

5. Invest in maintenance products

Handbag care products

The right ones. Leather polish can keep your vintage leather bags looking supple and shiny, while a lint roller can keep interiors dust-free. If you want to amp up your care level, invest in rain or stain repellent sprays to keep them safe from moisture and spilled liquids. 

6. Employ stain removal techniques

Handbag stain removal

And do them fast! Accidental staining must be dealt with quickly to prevent the culprit from seeping further in. Here are a few tips.

Water staining: Blot them out, air dry, and bring your bag to a professional for removal. 

Food stains: Crushed white chalk can work wonders. Apply them to the stain and let sit overnight, then wipe it away with a clean cloth. 

Foul odors: Baking soda is a bag owner’s best friend. Stash a baking soda pack inside, zip the handbag closed, and leave it inside for several days. Herbal sachets or dryer sheets also work! 

7. Store liquids and cosmetics in a clutch

Cosmetics bag

If you’re one of the many people victimized by a poorly screwed foundation or lotion, then you’ve probably learned your lesson. Put all liquid or powder cosmetics inside a clutch bag where they won’t wreak havoc when they leak. 

8. Clean them 

Wiping a handbag

If you use your handbags frequently, giving them a gentle rubdown now and then can prevent dirt and stain buildup. Check out these comprehensive tips from Metro

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