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Buy Back

Looking to let go of an item you purchased from us? We can buy it back for 70% of the item's purchase price if you notify us within 60 days of purchase.

Our 70% Buy-back Program applies to all items purchased from Purse Maison with the following exceptions:

  • Items that suffered excessive wear or damage after purchase from us
  • Items from companies or sellers other than us
  • Shoes & Sunglasses
  • Items originally sold for under Php 20,000
  • Items must pass inspection upon return to ensure that it remains in the same condition as when it was purchased.

How do I submit my item(s) to the Buy-back Program?

Send us your request through email (, Viber, Facebook ( or Instagram (@pursemaison). Please include complete details (e.g. name, the brand, and type of the item you purchased, date of purchase, and your reason for selling the item back to us). Please note that all items must pass our quality inspection before being eligible for purchase.